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Still here

We are still active and photos are available on our facebook page

Ice Photo delivers pictures to DJ magazine

We are proud to announce photographer Jesper Jakobsson have delivered all pictures to Rene Schwarz article about Monday Bar 20 year anniversary cruise. The article was published in DJ magazine germanys May issue this year…

Luminosity 2012

Pictures from Luminosity Beach Festival – 23 & 24 JUNE 2012 – Beachclub Riche Is now available on our Facebook page

Official Press Picture photographer for FSOS Agency

We are proud to announce that Jesper Jakobsson the founder of Ice Photo has been appontied the Official Press Picture photographer for FSOS Agency. We have from seince 2010 had a co-op to take pictures on all FSOS events. But from Februari 2012 have Jesper earned exclusive rights to handle all Press Shootings for all FSOS Agency™ […]

New homepage

Our new homepage is in the making. Hope that you all have patiens the next following days until its up and running. Our new site will have. Portfolio Upcoming events More about us and all the photographers Reviews from past events And much more… / Ice crew  

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